Rockland County USBC Board Members

2018 – 2019 Officers

Dean Lavecchia

1st Vice President
Mike Lazar

  2nd Vice President
Ursula McDermott

Sgt. at Arms
Anthony Rinaldi

Assn. Manager
Bob Larkin


Joseph Ardiri, Jr., Andrea DeLibertis, Flo Durgan, Mike Kenney, Max Khan, Pat Knight, Alice Lenna,  Thomas McDermott



3 thoughts on “Rockland County USBC Board Members

  1. Hello: My name is Stephen Coston. My wife and I are new in the Bowling program in New York. We live in Montvale, NJ and we bowl at New City Lanes in New City, New York. I want to know when will we be receiving our New York Bowling Sanction Cards. We both purchase them in September of 2016 and it been over two and a half months.


      1. Hi –

        Stephen your id is 1571-8. If you go to and register you can print your card. I cannot look up your wife’s id without her first name. If you register you can see her id as well.

        Still following up on why you did not receive your cards.


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